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Samsung S6 sm-G920F sim card not work solution

My customers always request me to solution of insert sim card of s6, so i get it and share with you.

This is step by step guide to solve the insert sim problem solution. Actually this problem shows, when

you replace the sim card again and again but you can’t notice that about the damage of sim jacket.


i9300 audio chip compatible? , search in job ?

Can you say that this is one of the two audio chip compatible??
AUD 305B 01213 1229B/I found this/…..AUD 305B 00054 1149A/this is the mainboard/

Samsung S6 sm-G920F no network problem solution:

When you face the problem not network found in Samsung S6, don’t worry apply reset method

but save your important data before reset the phone. After the reset your problem will be solved.

If problem not solve then use Second method, just open the phone and replace the highlighted components …..