Miracle Box 2.18 Setup

What New in Update:
1.PD Add SC8830/7731/7715 Read/Write Support .
2.SPD Add SC8830 EMMC Format/IMEI NV Read/Write Support/Read Pattern.
3.SPD Add SC8830/7730/31 EMMC Read Phone Book.
4.SPD Add SC7715 Nand Read Pattern (Read Unlock) and Phone Book.
5.MTK Add MT6753/6735/6582/6595 etc. EMMC Read Phonebook.
6.MTK Add MT6572/71 Nand Read Pattern and Phonebook .
7.MTK Improve Android Read Flash (Faster Then Before).
8.Add MI/Xiomi Mobile (Qualcomm) IMEI Repair (Qualcomm).
9.Improve software Connect and Fix some Bugs.
10. Server Speed Improved.

Download Setup
Download mobile drivers
Download bb data


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