HTC M9 sprint Unlock Done

HTC M9 sprint Unlock Done with the help of Gcpro key:

Here is log info:

Selected Model SM-G7105H
Selected Task HTC Sprint Unlock(ADB)

Searching ADB device Please wait..

Device Detected…
model:= 0PJA2
Androids Version:= 5.0.2
Description Version:= 1.32.651.17 CL496080 release-keys
Platform:= msm8994 [ htc_hima ] [ msm ]
Baseband:= 1.10.C1144022@50312.5
Simstatus:= ABSENT
IMEI-1 = null or empty
Detected su binary at /xbin
SU Version..2.49:SUPERSU
Device is Secure Rooted..uid=0
System Permission is Read/Write…

Checking Data…
Waiting for Loader…
Loader Ok…
Direct Unlock Success…
MSL/SPC IS := 741416

!!! Success !!!!

Restarted phone..


Download All Samsung Firmwares From here:

Samsung Firmwares

You can download other softwares and other All solution from here:


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